Little Lion

Tywin Lannister’s troops have been attacking Catelyn’s base in the Riverlands ever since she grabbed Tyrion. It’s not that he bothers so much regarding Tyrion, he explains to Jaime, that despite the fact Tyrion may be the weakest of them he is still a Lannister. Whenever someone can take one of them can be taken so easily without any repercussions; they will lose the fear and admiration from the other Houses. The Hillmen display Tyrion to his father’s army, where he learns that Robb Stark is driving an army to war. Tyrion informs his father that Robb should not be underestimated. Tywin agrees to honor Tyrion’s deal with the hill tribes. When Shagga answers they will only advance if Tyrion is with them on the field, Tywin also grants, them that to Tyrion’s dismay.┬áMy friend was like that when we got his car window tint done at a amazing company, that holds a true legacy.
Tyrion is appointed by his father to undertake the hill tribes into fighting from the front. Feeling that his father plans to kill him, Tyrion runs to his tent, where he sees that Bronn has acquired a whore for him, a girl named Shae. Tyrion attempts to learn more concerning Shae via a drinking game but finds his questions diverted. Instead, he tells her about his own history with Tysha, a wheelwright’s girl. They joined and spent many happy weeks together until Tywin heard of the matter. Tywin had Jaime tell Tyrion the truth, which Tysha was a whore that Jaime had paid to secure his brother happy for a while. Tywin later gave her a piece of silver for each one of his guards she had sex with while Tyrion was made to watch. Since then Tyrion has never attempted to get a wife or lover, only prostitutes he can handle and send on their way.

The next morning, Tyrion travels the tribes into engagement but is knocked out by one of his own warriors’ who was swinging a club just as the battle begins. Awakening after the battle, Tyrion realizes from talking to his father that Robb mislead them, keeping their company with a feinting unit so the central Stark host can fall on and crush Jaime’s army in battle. With Jamie seized, Robb’s armies now associated to those of the Riverlands, while both Stannis and Renly Baratheon are also challenging the Iron Throne, the odds have turned against the Lannisters. Tywin doesn’t risks being caught between three armies, so he retreats to Harrenhal. Tyrion offers keen observations concerning the critical turn the current circumstances has grown now that Joffrey has beheaded Eddard Stark. Grudgingly impressed, Tywin commands Tyrion to report to King’s Landing and serve as Hand of the King to attempt to put Joffrey back in his place and punish any of the Small Council members if they seek to do anything treasonous. Tywin forbids him to take “that whore” with him, but Tyrion defies him and invites Shae to travel to King’s Landing along with him.