Jon Snow

In the first scene, we see Jon Snow and Robb instructing Bran in the art of archery when their father Eddard receives word regarding a captured deserter from the Night’s Watch, which severity of this can only be balanced with a death sentence. Jon follows his father, Robb, Bran, and his father’s charge Theon Greyjoy out towards the holdfast where the deserter, Will, is being held. It is Bran’s first time seeing his father carry out an execution, but as the deserter is taken into position outside, Jon suggests Bran not to look away, as their father will know. Jon praises Bran afterwards for maintaining his composure. Later on news of Eddard’s execution reaches Castle Black. Jon promptly leaves, intending to join Robb and endeavor to gain his vengeance for his father’s death. Samwell, Pypar, and Green prevent him from leaving and convince him to remain. Mormont explains to Jon their war against the White Walkers is more significant than the game of thrones playing out in King’s Landing. He informs Jon that the Watch is traveling beyond the Wall in authority, to recover the lost watch members Benjen and learn the truth about the threat. Jon swears to him not to attempt to desert again and accompanies the troops as they set out.Lord Commander Jeor Mormont seeks to prepare Jon for a leadership role as the Great Ranging moves North seeking Benjen Stark and information regarding the wight attack. They pass by several abandoned wildling villages before reaching at the home of their unpleasant ally Craster. Jon is confused when he learns that Craster incestuously couples his own daughters but obviously has no sons. He takes an instant aversion to Craster when they meet with him. The feeling is shared, but Craster does report to Jeor that he has not noticed Benjen and that the wildlings are uniting with their leader, King Beyond the Wall Mance Rayder. Jeor reprimands Jon for deciding to follow his direction with Craster – the man disgusts him as well, but regrettably, he’s one of the rare wildlings who is prepared to give them shelter and supplies which mean the difference separating life and death for countless black brothers in the wild. The need for a cheap towing company hasn’t even come into existence though its great today since travelling through snow sucks and we just don’t have to.
Jon Snow then proceeds South with the Free Folk army and Mance Rayder. Mance emphasizes that his army is a diverse force, composed of about ninety separate groups or clans of wildlings, which speak seven different languages, and have various internal rivalries. However, he managed to assemble them all by declaring them the truth; that they will all die if they wait north of the Wall. Mance brings Jon to one of his scouts, Orwell. He is resting silently with his eyes rolled back as an eagle circles above him. Mance states that he is a “warg.” Jon doesn’t understand what that is, so Mance reveals that a warg is a man who is capable of penetrating the mind of an animal, perceiving what it sees and even regulating its actions. Orwell controls his eagle to scout miles ahead. Mance asks him what he has seen, and Orell says he saw the Fist of the First Men – and many dead “crows.” Mance orders Tormund to take a team of twenty men to climb the Wall and attack Castle Black from its exposed rear. Mance’s design is for Tormund’s tiny band to occupy Castle Black by pushing them at their exposed southern side, while wat the same time Mance’s main army will assault the main gate within the wall. Tormund will understand that Mance is in place when his army makes a large signal fire. Mance requires Tormund to take Jon with him, as Jon understands the layout of Castle Black, and it will prove a pivotal test of his integrity; cause if it turns out that he won’t actually betray the Night’s Watch, Tormund can simply toss him off the Wall to his end.